About Us

Doorvita Concept...


Today in changing and improving living environment, kitchens have become more usage of limited time and high efficiency activity areas. Therefore, the first condition using a kitchen is to make the accurate layout. Then the following question rises :


How can a good kitchen be designed?


A good kitchen can only be designed with “form follows function” principle. The design should be started after all data are gathered. In addition to its functionality, considered as a life and contact center, a kitchen becomes more time consumed area.


Through design and developed technology, Doorvita Concept has taken important steps by applying followed innovations to its products before and after sales.



Quality is the base philosophy of Doorvita collection as the human being is at the center of it. To respond to the expectations of the people, gain confidence and be able to satisfy the technical aspects of the aesthetic is the main target.. Today quality is a basic concept that is key to corporate success. Rapidly developing and changing technology, quality concepts, social and economic values, globalization has become a vital and challenging in terms of competition. Respect for the individual, is closely related to the environment in which care experience.

The basic criteria in the production process of Doorvita door environmentally friendly materials are composed of advanced technology and contemporary design.

Doorvita collection has been created as a result of past experiences,general tastes end expectations.

Our Mission...

Our Company’s missions are to produce the brand losing its doors for many years line using environmentally friendly materials without compromising quality.